Monday, December 13, 2004

Peterborough Symphony Orchestra

I had a real nice mini vacation this past weekend.

I was asked to come up to Peterborough to play an all Johannes Strauss JR. program with the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra.

I was first of all quite surprised how far Peterborough really is from Toronto. 140 km ! one way. This orchestra has a wonderful conductor, and a great dedicated horn section. I was able to billet with the 2nd horn player on Saturday night.

To my wonderful surprise I was invited to a winter wonderland picture postcard of a house. The first thing you realized when I traveled to this house, you think were the hec are we going. My drive to the house, winding roads, and finally a small tree covered road opened up to this large area and with a large 19th century typical 2 story Ontario Home. There was about one foot of fresh snow on the ground, and all the trees were covered with a large amount of the white stuff as well.

I really felt like I just drove up to house that was featured in the December issue of Homes & Gardens ! When you entered into the home you were confronted with a wonderful Christmas smell in the air of sugar and spice. The banisters where all covered in Christmas holy, every were there were beautiful Christmas ornaments and really tasteful decorations. When you walked down the long hallway, you entered the heart of the house, the Kitchen and Kitchen den. Fresh cookies were just baked, the fireplace was roaring the Christmas stocking all hung over the fireplace… really, Martha Stewart would approve !

… any way.. I had a wonderful time, Ann and her husband, a CBC hockey Night in Canada announcer, and ex professional NHL goalie were extremely hospitable, and made me feel very welcome !

I just love meeting and making new friends, Canada is a great place to do just That !

Monday, December 06, 2004

Christmas Around the World

Once again the Christmas Around the World festival was held at City Hall. This year once again we were disapointed with the turn out. I had done so much extra advertising this year. Alot of newspapers plus TV news stations did cover the event, but the crowds were very thin. I really don't know how we can improve on this for next year. It remains a great event and all of our groups love taking part every year.

Any way, Merry Christmas, from City Hall from 14 different ethnic communities that took part in this festival.