Thursday, June 29, 2006

Go to HELL, Don Cherry !

Here’s a picture of my horn section at tonight’s concert with the Oshawa-Durham Symphony. It was a great success…


for the fact that the guest conductor , the whole point to tonight’s fundraiser concert, “ DON CHERRY” was a NO SHOW ! yupp that’s right the idiot did not show up to conduct Hockey Night in Canada as planned for nearly a YEAR , there are posters all over Oshawa with his face on it announcing this appearance, he is on the ODSO web Site…

Boy do I really hate the guy now !! so in his place to relieve our poor conductor, that felt like he had egg in his face, the MAYOR of OSHAWA, stood up and conducted Hockey Night in Canada, and received a huge cheer from the supportive audience for doing this !!

Don Cherry you can stuff it ! … don’t come any where near the ODSO ever again !!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Party Weekend !

Not only was " The Village" a crazy place this weekend, with the celebrations of the 26th annual Pride Week... but a very important soccer match between Holland and Portugal... as you may already know, Portugal won 1-0 a huge dissapointment,

but I was cheered up and put into a good mood when I got home, and was confronted by 1 million + people dancing and partying in the streets right outside my home !

I just love Toronto !!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


So we here in Toronto have been rooting the dutch team in this year Eurocup. Tomorrow, Wednesday, the big game against Argentina.. OOOOOOOH ! that will be very exciting and very difficult for the Dutch. I will wear my Orange Klomp with pride, and support and scream out as much as I can !
See you all at Betty's