Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lights.. Camera.. ACTION!

This morning I was on live Breakfast Television. On CityTV Breakfast Television.. show casing and talking about our upcoming Easter Around the World at City Hall this Sunday, April 1. I had to get up at 4:00am to be ready for this. Our segment of the show aired at about 8:15am. The pictures show me during the broadcast, with CityTV Breakfast Televison celebrities and hosts Kevin Frankish and Dina Pugliese .

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Simpons do Harry potter:

Bart and Lisa, are Ron and Hermoine helping out harry. Smithers plays Voldemorts snake and Lord Voldemort himself is played by none other than Mr Burns. I don't think this episode is out yet but as soon as its aired on TV i'll let you know if its worth watching.

The Order of Phoenix, Film release date July 13, 1007
The seventh and final book !
Release date July 21, 2007

Saturday, March 17, 2007

OH NO ! Not more SNOW!!

When will this winter ever be over ????... we are so sick of the snow and cold. Last week the weather was a bit warmer, and all the old snow that was about 2 months old finally melted away, and what happens when I woke up this morning and looked out my bedroom window ? An new blanket of snow snuck in last night while we were all sleeping ! I went out of course with Milo for a nice long walk, went over to Riverdale park, nice big hill, with kids tobbogoning, and a great view of the city.. here are a few pics I took today, with my Cell Phone ! and as you can see, as a Canadian, we all enjoy the winter weather, from tobbogoning down hills, to play outdoor hockey, to just strolling in the park !
Enjoy !.. ( they say it will be up to 16 degrees again on Wednesday.. its all so confussing !) **click on image to enlarge image view...

Friday, March 09, 2007


So now that Mahler is done.. pheew.. that was great fun... now the next concert coming up is Beethoven's 9th symphony. On April 21st, we the Oshawa Durham Symphony are performing this work in Oshawa.. its a great symphony and it should be spectacular !

Please see the ODSO website for more info on the concert

( this picture was taken at one of our first concerts this season, me and Tom Wade West performing in ODSO )

Monday, March 05, 2007


BOO HOO !!! there over !! this Mahler fest week/end.. is over...!!

I had such a great time... not only did I get to perform as principal of my favorite symphony, Mahler 5th, but also really get to know, and have fun with my great colleagues !

Saturday evening’s performance was just amazing. A lot of good friends, family and colleagues attended the concert, to witness what I always knew and believed... that I, Wendy Limbertie, am a pretty dam good horn player! And now finally others have heard that as well... I know its rude and un-Canadian not to be more humble... but why not give myself a pat on the back sometimes..

The solo went well in the Scherzo... and the rest as well... at the end of Saturday's evening performance, I received a solo bow from Marco, our conductor.. for the longest time too... and then Marco proceeded after he received his flowers at the front of the orchestra to walk through the whole orchestra to the back where I was standing and handed me HIS flowers.. as a token of great thanks !! I was touched ! WOW.. what a night... and we get to play it again on Sunday.. in Kingston !

So yesterday, Sunday, we traveled , the Toronto players, to Kingston. We were all to meet the bus at York Mills and Yonge.. (Same place I tried to get to last Thursday, but this time no problems as there was NO SNOW storm!) ... The Bus left at 10:00am for Kingston. I was in the back of the bus, with of course the rest of the Brass Section, and Kathy. We all had a great time, laughing it up, talking about the night before, and really getting to know and enjoy each others company, and respecting each players contributions to this Mahler weekend! I really felt very connected to these colleagues now.. I have a great respect for of course Kathy's Playing.. but also a huge respect for Brandon Cassin, our principal Trumpet player, he was fabulous on both evenings ! the Opening of Mahler's 5th, has a huge trumpet solo, he sets the tone for the symphony, and he , Brandon was phenomenal both evenings.. ... here we are in the Bus whooping it up !

We arrived in Kingston at 1:00pm, and preceded into the hall were we to perform. We all unpacked our instruments and proceeded to start warming up…As the Kingston players were now also arriving.. they started to all congratulate me on a great job on my playing at the evening before, to which I was very appreciative of…

The concert started at 2:30 without incident… The hall was packed. A lot dryer acoustics than the hall on Saturday night.. but a bit more room. I played 1st horn in the Scherzo movement on this day, not the solo part, giving the opportunity to the 1st horn player, Steve Seiffert, of the Kingston Symphony to play the solo. He did a fine job.

Kathy Halvorson, our principal Oboe, and my great friend of 10 years now, did also an amazing job. She has brought up the level of our woodwind section so much. The intonation, and more importantly musicality level is at such a much higher level now. She has influenced the whole wind and brass section with her musical tone, and interpretations, and has brought up the level of the orchestra as a Whole ! it was great seeing and hearing this happen this weekend as well. They say, the 1st horn and the 1st oboe are the 2 MOST important chairs of any symphony orchestra, and I think Marco is now quite pleased with these two players he has in his orchestra. ( Kathy with principal Flute of Kingston, Donelda Gartshore)
All in all.. this performance too was very special, and exciting… ! what a great opportunity for us to have performed this symphony with some great players !

And lastly MARCO ! you are an amazing conductor, and more importantly a great musician ! and we, I feel very lucky and privileged to have performed under your musical leadership !

My horn section after the concert! from Left to Right- Christina Wotherspoon, Steve Seiffert, Emily Cavers, Cory van Allen, Me, Janet Anderson and James MacDonald

Despite our many attempts to persuade the bus driver to stop at a liquor store for some much needed, bus time, refreshments, we only had a disappointing 5 minute stop at Tim Hortons’ which did not satisfy anyone at the back of the bus !

Next time, we must remember to bring a cooler !

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Saturday, March 03, 2007


SO... TODAY is the big day !!!..

We , the Oshawa Durham Symphony and the Kingston Symphony, combined, just had a our last rehearsal this afternoon before tonight’s big performance of Mahler's 5th Symphony. Its just so amazing to play with a full 120+ piece orchestra with loads of strings ! That’s what you MUST have in performing Mahler.. lots and lots of Strings This is in order to balance out the very loud passages that are constantly coming over the orchestra from the Brass section. My horn section is great.. ! I'm extremely pleased, and I'm sure this evening will go off exactly how I envisioned it ! a great Mahler Fest ! Gustav will be smiling from the heavens tonight.. as he and my parents are looking down below on this magical evening . ( I'm not in this picture, because I took it! here they are rehearsing Tannhauser Overture )


WOW.. what a storm ! and to top it all off, you had to wear a bloody Hard Hat while walking outside downtown because of the falling ice off the CN Tower. Whole sections of the city were just completly shut down. The ice falls from the CN Tower as the sun moves around the sky.I know it doesn't look like too much but the larger pieces in the image are actually the size of doors and would easily flatten someone. The police had cordoned off several blocks around the bottom of the tower. Cars and Taxi's were crushed from some of the falling peices. Our patrons at the Amici Concert ran for cover as they entered the Glenn Gould Studio, the front entrance of the theatre was in the middle of the cordoned off area !

Friday, March 02, 2007


This afternoon Kathy and I were to go to Kingston for our second last rehearsal with the Oshawa Symphony. We left my house at 2:45 and still at 5:00pm we did not make it any further than Lawrence. Yonge street is one big hill, and so many cars just couldn't get up the hill, which in turn created grid-lock and slowed down traffic to a crawl ! It had taken us more than 2 hours to travel about 10km ! We recieved a call at 5:00 from the personeel manager that indeed the Bus that we were to take and meet had been cancelled and for us to turn around. MAN OH MAN I have never seen such an incredible Snow storm as this one we had tonight. In the span of only 2 hours we had 10 cm of snow on the ground.. and now tonight, the ice rain has started !


Thursday, March 01, 2007


Yesterday, Kathy and I joined Ineke, Caroline and Nicholas for a Birthday Dinner. We ate at a really nice resturant on King Street, called " La Maquette " We were able to still enjoy the "Winterlicious menu"

It was Ineke's birthday and we thoroughly enjoyed the meal.. WOW...

very much a " Michelin Food Guide" type of meal

Happy Birthday SIS.. !!!!
I love ya tons !