Tuesday, February 27, 2007


This morning, after a great Jazz night, I decided to take Milo for a nice long 2 hour walk. We went to Riverdale Farm. This picture is of an Historic Toronto Farm House in the middle of the Park. Milo had great fun running through the snow. Unfortunatly there were no squirels down on the ground due to the deep snow, but Milo could spot them up in the trees, and was crying and wimpering for them to come down !


Tonight after our first grueling Mahler 5 rehearsal, Kathy, Caroline and I went down to the REX for dinner and nice relaxing evening of live Jazz. This jazz band performs every last Monday of the month. James and Janet both are playing with me this week in the Mahler, and as seen here, tonight they joined in with the Jazz band to perform some great jazz classics.

The Jazz band was the John Macleod's Rex Hotel Orchestra

Monday, February 26, 2007


This weekend I performed with the Niagara Symphony once again. We played an interesting program that highlighted flutes from around the world... it was fun to play there again. More importantly, I really feel that I am making great friends with these colleauges ! The winds and brass went all out to dinner together, at a local bistro called the " The Red Caboose" ... this was the sign outside that greeted me... I thought I needed to take a picture of this great sign, and post it here on my blog.

We all had a great dinner together... and later I played a game of Pool with Brandon, the principal trumpet of the orchestra. Brandon and I are playing all this week Mahler 5 with the Oshawa Symphony.

As the title of this blog post says, Food, Friends, music and pool.. are the essential elements of enjoying to be a professional musican any where in the world ! from Zurich, to Paris, to Amsterdam to even St. Catherines Ontario !

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Beautiful Winter Wonderland

Today, I went to visit Maya in Kitchener. We went for a nice walk in the bush out in back of the house.. although it was nice and sunny it was still a cold -16 degrees!. Milo and Ivy had great fun running around in the snow... It was a great day, nice and relaxing, and just chillling before the amazingly busy 2 weeks that are ahead of me !

( click on the picture to enlarge)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


SNOW ! ... ... and lots of it !

HAPPY VALENTINES' DAY ... nice warm thoughts.. ha !

This morning I woke up to 20cm of snow on the ground.! luckly we didn't get what happened at Niagara Falls/Hamilton.. they got 70cm of snow.. thats like almost 1metre of snow... poor milo is to small and can't really get around.. but she managed .. and you know to boot.. its still - 15 degrees outside as well ... talk about winter ! this is it... for sure !

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Still Freezing COLD!

Today -15 c

We have had a over a week of total artic weather now ! although Milo just loves chasing after the squirrels because especially now they are so easy to spot against the white snowy landscape, one can only stand to be outside for about 20 minutes tops ! and then rush back inside once again. I took some extra vitamin D today, as we Canadians are sun starved people; as we do see the sun almost every day, we can't stay outside to long to soak up its vitamins.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Caroline the Birthday Girl!

Hey there Caroline...

it's your birthday...

Amazing are you really 20 years old now?

I feel so OLD ...so suddenly !

Stay warm ! ......it feels like -30 outside today with the windchill factor, with lots of blowing snow to boot!