Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back to the sweat shop!

"mmmmm, OKAY... I have been going to the gym every day this week... I'm sore... but at least I'm putting the effort back in this battle of the bulge! TBC

Monday, April 05, 2010



Well... hello everyone... now that Easter and all the other distractions are behind me it's time to get back on the diet wagon. No I'm not going to be one of those 90% that gain it all back... although I'm confessing that I have gained a lot of weight in the last 8 months... I really want to try to lose it again. There are too many reminders around me of why I started this whole life style change/quest in the first place.

Yesterday I spent the day with my family. And in our many wonderful conversations, surrounded in gorging overabundance of food. The conversation came up about taking care of your body; a close friend and extended family member is undergoing Cancer treatment, and she really hit home with this comment.... " we really need to take care of our bodies, because when we get hit with a very serious disease, like Cancer, our bodies need to be strong and healthy enough to undergo Chemo, or other treatments to fight it! .. and believe me, we all will get sick at one point! "

A very serious and depressing realization.. that yes we all get old, and can get very sick.. if not Cancer, than may Heart problems or other things... aging sucks! that's all there is too it.. but to make it less a blow.... I really need to get healthier, and start back at exercising... it's the only way to age gracefully! as depressing as it sounds...

soooo... back on track... back to the gym... and besides I'm going to Europe this summer, and I need to get my walking legs back so I can participate in all sorts of wonderful sight-seeing...

stay tuned...