Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New puppy on the block

My neighbour came home with this adorable new Jack Russell puppy !
What a cutie !

Milo on the other hand is jealous as hell, and does not approve, as seen in this photo, a picture tells a thousand words.

They have not named HER yet... if anyone has any suggestions for names just write them in your ' comments '

Monday, May 30, 2005

Summer in Toronto

Summer has hit Toronto Finally !!

I think it can go down on record that we have had the longest winter and spring ever!
Now the trees are finally full of their leaves, the flowers are in full bloom and today and the rest of the week sunny with tempratures in the mid 20's YES ! sigh !
Well the music/orchestra world for me has slowed down to a stop. The Oshawa and Scarborough Symphony seasons have ended, and my horn has been in its case and not seen the light of day for a week now. Back in the day when I still lived in Amsterdam, this would be the end of the opera season as well, and I would be packing and getting ready to come home for the summer. " Wendy Camp" was a favorite time of the year for the kids... as I was the aunt that took them places and entertained them all summer. Now the ' kids' are all grown up and working at summer jobs... So its left to me entaintaing Milo..

as shown here ... we go down to Cherry Beach , on Lake Ontario and as you can see, Milo just loves to go in the water... here she is telling me to " quick take a picture of me and the swan mommy !"

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Master Class in Peterborough

Today I gave a Horn Master Class to some very dedicated women in Peterborough Ontario. I was invited up by a new friend and colleage Ann Millen who is there coach and horn teacher. I was thrilled to be asked to give this Master Class and very pleased at the end of the 2 hour session how much these ladies had improved !

These women are all taking part in the New Horizions program newly set up in Peterborough. The New Horizons Band program was conceived by Dr. Roy Ernst, a professor at the Eastman School of Music, Rochester University. He believed that anybody can learn to play a musical instrument. The first New Horizons Band was formed in Rochester New York in 1990. To-day there are more than 100 similar programs in the United States, Canada and Australia. The program aims to provide instruction to adults wishing to learn how to play wind or percussion instruments. It is also for individuals who might have played in high school but put it aside for many years. Membership in a New Horizons Band can fill your life with music, new friends, fun and accomplishment.

The Peterborough, Ontario, Canada New Horizons Band was started by Mr. Peter Ford in the spring of 2002 with about 50 new members. Mr Ford has more than a 50 year history of musical education and performance. There are presently over 100 paticipants. Peterborough is the fastest growing of all New Horizons organizations. The band now has several groups, the main band, a wind ensemble, a saxophone quartet, a brass choir, a clarinet trio and a flute duet.

here is the link to their website : New Horizons Band http://www.nexicom.net/~datakey/NHB/main.htm