Friday, April 08, 2005

Andrea Bocelli in Concert

(our backstage orchestra pass)

This evening was an amazing experience. I was hired to play in an orchestra that was to accompany Andrea Bocelli in Concert at the Air Canada Centre here in downtown Toronto. On Wednesday we had rehearsals for this evenings concert

And then a bit later, a media circus arrived with every TV station in Toronto to interview him as seen here about the concert

This evening was the concert. We played to an almost sold out hall, 30,000+ people. With the most expensive tickets costing $1000 and they were all sold out.

Here I am in the horn section

Here is a shot during the sound check tonight... I was not planning on taking a picture during the show, that would be cheesy and unprofessional !

All in all it was a wonderful night. I have never played to such a large audience, the energy that you feel from them is amazing !

This picture taken just before the show, you can see the Air Canada Centre really filling up !

Sunday, April 03, 2005

This WINTER is Relentless !

As you can see the tulips are trying to push there way up to the sky, but once again on this 3rd day of April its snowing ! my god the winter this year just does not want to give up. I really enjoyed the wonderful weather in California last week, and now I want to continue, but ole man winter still will not let me !

Aaaargh !!!!