Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wow great music making today

Today was a big day for Amici. We had our annual fundraiser at Grano Restaurant, with guest artist, Music Director of the Toronto Symphony, Peter Oundjian. He played on violin with Amici,( He was the former 1st violinist of the Tokyo String Quartet ) There were some moments this afternoon that were so beautiful and moving, that you could not hear a pin drop from the audience ! They performed a fantastically special rendition of Mozart's Clarinet Quintet.A very special afternoon indeed! I have not that level of music making in a long time! I was very, very impressed, happy and proud to be Amici's Executive Director!

Later on tonight, Caroline and I jammed together, (with Caroline's NEW guitar ) , and we also made some great music together.. Although of course on a totally different level.. all though the intent was there to do so !

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Britten was amazing!

OH !!! darn !! it's over ! Last night I finally performed the Benjamin Britten serenade, live with the Scarborough Philharmonic, with the amazing solo tenor, Steven Erickson, and conductor Kevin Mallon. A picture was taken at the end of the work by a friend which unfortunatly didn't turn out to well, so I have to do some fudgeing with the computer to even see me, as the picture was almost totally black.
There was a good crowd last night of about 400, Ineke was there,and even my sister Maya and her daughter jacky came from Kitchener to listen. I really love the Britten and I hope to be able to perform it one day again ! My mom and Dad where there in Spirit, and could feel there warm support through out the performance .
here is a picture of the Tenor, that I took shortly before the two of us went out on stage...
Steven is a member of the Canadian Opera Company Chorus, and today, Sunday he will be singing at the COC, in the one of the last performances of Wagners's ,Gotterdammerung.... now that is a very Horn(y) work ! Thanks again Steven and Kevin for last nights experiance ! what a blast !