Monday, May 29, 2006

It's been a long time ...

The sun and the summer has arrived in Toronto... it's not even June yet, and this week it's going to be 30 degrees every day, with no clouds what so ever... ya... I love the summer.. and it's so nice and positive! This year has been a very challanging one for us all... As of June 1st, Mom's house no longer belongs to us. The new Tenants will be moving in, the lock will be changed.. and that's it ! over 20 years of Limbertie history and moments will be only a memory ! Yesterday, I spent the afternoon on Melinda's new Deck at her new house. As you can see we had a great BBQ with " Licks" burgers ! and a nice cold Heineken

I cherish these moments ! Family is so important... and I'm so lucky I have a great one !