Sunday, September 25, 2005

Nicholas at 16?

Ahh... sweet 16 ... I remember when I turned 16 ! and now Nicholas has turned 16 .. time flies !! my god Nicholas at 16, I remember the day he was born in Landsmeer, that sweet little round face with that full head of red hair... Happy Birthday Nic ! Today I drove him and his two friends, Tom and Jerry to Paramount Canada"s Wonderland they had a blast ! ( all these boys are so tall, all about 2 metres high)Picture - L-R Jerry, Nicholas, Tom

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Down Memory Lane

Today Martin sent me some pictures of some old colleagues from my Hoofdstad Operette days !

He went on this fantastic boat ride around the Amsterdam Canals. In this picture you see all former members of the Hoofdstad Operette Orchestra:

L - R :Silvia, Bass player and arranger, Krijn, Principal Bassoon, Nic, Principal Clarinet, Bob, principal Trumpet, and Harry, principal Trombone. We had a lot of fun all those years, I played 18 years in this orchestra ! My god its seems like a dream now.. so long ago !