Monday, February 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Sis !

Today is Ineke’s Birthday ! … yesterday (Sunday) we had a nice dinner together at Mom’s.
I gave her two books and so did mom… such a book worm…

Here is a picture of her… she looks good, she has lost quite a bit of weight now, and is proudly wearing her gift to herself, a leather jacket and brown leather pants !

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Last night, I performed Gustav Mahler's 1st symphony with the Oshawa Symphony

Boo hoo.. the Mahler is over ! darn… it was so much fun ! I wish we could have had at least 3 performances of it..

The section ! … Left to Right.. Scott Weavers ( 5th horn), Nichole Alexander ( 7th horn) , David Haskins ( 6th horn) , Me (1st horn) , Heath Allan ( 4th horn) , Sheila Goldman ( 3rd horn ) Leah Bell ( assn’t 1st horn) , Tom Wade West ( 2nd horn)

I wanted a second try at the performance… for even more perfection ! We had a blast last night.. it was a tough day.. with playing the whole work from beginning to end in the afternoon, then again the whole thing of course at night… playing in community based orchestras is tougher , way tougher than with orchestras like the TSO or the KWS that are better regulated by the Musicians Union and protect the musicians from conductors that want to practise too much, like ours yesterday ! Any way.. I had such a cool time.. and I had such a fantastic horn section.. I was really pleased !

Way too go guys !!

Friday, February 25, 2005

The Quilt of Belonging

The Quilt of Belonging is a unique national textile art project celebrating Canada's ethnically diverse family. Artistically expressed through an extraordinary array of materials and compelling designs, the collaborative work of art, made in community not only reflects each nation's past, but also illuminates a path to the future, where all may share pride of place.

This is a picture of the Dutch block that my mother, Aleida Limbertie, created for this project. Colourfully embroidered, the house represented in the Netherlands block reflects the pride the Dutch take in their homes and the importance of family in their lives

The quilt is approximately 36 metres long and 3.5 metres high (120 feet by 10 feet) and includes a textile art piece from all 263 main aboriginal and world nationalities found within Canada

The official launch of Invitation: Quilt of Belonging, will take place at the Canadian Museum of Civilization (CMC) on the evening of April 1, 2005. Organized in partnership with CMC and the Canadian Ethnocultural Council, our gala will take place in the Grand Hall of the Museum in Hull, Quebec. Among the invited guests will be Canadian dignitaries, our volunteers, blockmakers and sponsors. Following the inaugural launch, the quilt will remain on exhibit from April 2 – 10, 2005.

In this photo of the mock up you see two temporary panels, about 15 feet of the 120-foot length. (June 3, 2004)

For more information on this amazing quilt project go to:

Playing Mahler on a cool Bike

This week has been a blast ! a Mahler Blast ! I just love playing the horn, and what beter composer to express this than with every Horn players favorite, Gustav Mahler !

I received this photo last night from my good friend Brynn, a very talented concert violinist, and she just bought this motorcycle for herself !

Brynn the motorcycle MAMA !

Brynn has been my good friend for the last 10 years, as she also lived in Holland and played with the Residentie Orchestra in The Hague. She now lives in California, and she is the one I am visiting next month on March 21st. I just wrote her last night how I would think it would be so cool for the entire Mahler Horn section, all 8 of us, to play the ending of the last movement, the part where the Horns stand up and play the most famous Mahler horn call, all sitting on cool motorcycles, like the very one she bought !! and then ride out of the theatre at the very end !!! Ha ha.. ha.. that would really turn heads !

Don't you just love to fantasize ! and some people really do act on the fantasies !

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Bridgenorth , Ontario

This is a picture of me and Ann Millen in front of Ann's house in Bridgenorth, which is close to Peterborough Ontario ( about 140 km north east of Toronto) . I stay for a few days at Ann's house every time I play with the Peterborough Symphony Orchestra. She has a lovely house and I really enjoy staying with her. She is becoming a great new friend !

Snowy Toronto - STILL.... !

This morning I woke up to an fresh 20cm layer of new white snow. A rude reminder that this winter is not quite done yet. Milo loves the snow, only it does slow her down in her morning ritual of chasing squirrels. Thank god it was cold enough to snow, it could have been rain if it were only 5 degrees warmer, and turn out like flood raged L.A.

The first day of spring is still one month away, although we were warned by Mr. Gopher that spring will be late because he DID see his shadow, lets keep our fingers crossed it 'aint' so !

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Now that's Loud !

Nicholas is as happy as a bug in a rug!
Today he got a new set of drums. He is very happy and practising every day. His teacher recommened to me to get the real thing, and plus buying this set (thanks to EBay) cost the equivilent of 3 months rent of the electric set he had. Now we can really hear if he is practising every day! Ineke and Caroline are ok with the new added noise, but its really not all that bad when the door is closed. I, of course play on it as well, so all I need now is a Bass and Piano and we can jam away !!!

So far no complants from the neighbour's

Remember - " Making Music makes you Smarter ! "

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Adrian Limbertie - Died Feb. 13, 2004

One year ago today. Dad we love you, we miss you ! We all got together today at Mom's and Melinda cooked up your favorite! Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding. You where in our thoughts the whole day, and we hope to see you again one day !

We love you Dad !

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Today I attended a Horn Clinic given by Jeff Nelson (from the Canadian Brass) . This is Jeff and me. It was a very, very educational afternoon, and extremely helpful! The key word for the day was “ FEARLESS”… I was the only one to volunteer to play for him, with a room full of horn players.. Why? What a great opportunity to play and get some great comments! Jeff is coming out with a book on the Art of Auditioning.. I did not bring my horn, I was not planning to play, but, since Yahama had a whole table of horns on display I picked one up and played a bunch of excepts by memory and the Strauss 1 and Mozart 4… and got some great pointers… yes I am Fearless, and one has to be to be successful in life.. and successful at horn playing !

I ‘m glad I went !

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Wow, has it been that long since I last ' blogged' ... sorry about that, so much has happend in the last 6 weeks as well. Lets see, I played a few concerts with Oshawa Symphony and the Peterborough symphony. I am practising like made, getting prepared for the upcoming concert this month on Feb. 26th with Oshawa Sym, where we are going to perform Mahlers' 1st Symphony. Now that will be a blast ! 8 horns !
and me at the helm !

Caroline celebrated her 18th Birthday on Feb. 4th. She got a kareoke machine and a CD burner for her birthday. She has a new job, she works for a local resturant called,
" Shopsy's " she is the seating hostess. She really enjoys it, and is doing very well.

I have been invited once again to audition for the Principal Horn job with the Toronto Symphony. That will take place on April 15th, Fingers Crossed !

Next year, February 2006, I have been asked to perform as a soloist with the Scarborough Philharmonic, Benjamin Britten's, Serenade for Horn, Tenor and Strings. It have been a life long dream to one day perform that work, it is so beautiful. Britten orginally wrote it for his lover !Tenor - Peter Pears ....

And the big news is I booked my flight to CALIFORNIA yesterday. I'm going to visit my good friend ,Brynn, from March 21st till the 27th. I've never been in california ! She lives about 250 km north of San Fransisco, in Cambria. Wow.. I'm really looking forwared to seeing her, and finally seeing California !

My dad's one year Memorial of his death is coming up this Sunday, Feb. 13. I can't believe its been one year since he died. We are all going to my mom's for a nice dinner Melinda is cooking up, Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding. And of course a toast to my dad !

I miss him... but he is looking down and smiling!