Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New puppy on the block

My neighbour came home with this adorable new Jack Russell puppy !
What a cutie !

Milo on the other hand is jealous as hell, and does not approve, as seen in this photo, a picture tells a thousand words.

They have not named HER yet... if anyone has any suggestions for names just write them in your ' comments '


Brynn said...

Hey Wen !! Looks like things are heating up in Toronto....finally. I am glad for you. You deserve some warmth. Michael and I went Motorcycling around this last weekend, as well as boogie-boarding. We have not sat around long enough to watch the DVD, but we will tomorrow night. Thanks again. I think you should name this dog..." Pookie ".....OK, off to beddy. Love, Brynn

Myrthe said...

Hi Wendy!!!
What a very cute puppy!... I think they should call her "Jill".
Big hug, Myrthe

Rutger said...

Hi Wen,

Venus would be the perfect name. That way, if you go out for a stroll together, you can holler through the park "Venus and Milo!" and everyone would think youre an art student.

say hi for me to Steven and Okkie when you see them in nyc, I don't see them that much myself.

love, rutger

Okkie van Rossem said...

Hey Wendy,

Nice blog. What is the name of your neighbours Jack Russel? We are all well, still living in Muscat.