Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Network Winds

Picture of Nadina in front of one of her many paintings ! ...

Just thought you may be interested that I had my first WW quintet rehearsal tonight with a newly formed ensemble.We have big plans for this ensemble with some really neat recording projects in the working...

The players:
Leslie Newman – Flute
Micah Heilbrunn- Clarinet
Kathy Halvorson – oboe
Nadina Mackie Jackson – Bassoon
Wendy Limbertie – Horn

I’m very excited as you can imagine. My last quintet in Amsterdam, well no comparison, tonight we just breezed through some quintet music, like the Carl Nielson, and it never sounded so good !
I am really glad I am playing in this quintet, this is so good for me… !!
Like they say, if you want to become a better musician then you need to play with great people !

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