Sunday, February 12, 2006

Britten was amazing!

OH !!! darn !! it's over ! Last night I finally performed the Benjamin Britten serenade, live with the Scarborough Philharmonic, with the amazing solo tenor, Steven Erickson, and conductor Kevin Mallon. A picture was taken at the end of the work by a friend which unfortunatly didn't turn out to well, so I have to do some fudgeing with the computer to even see me, as the picture was almost totally black.
There was a good crowd last night of about 400, Ineke was there,and even my sister Maya and her daughter jacky came from Kitchener to listen. I really love the Britten and I hope to be able to perform it one day again ! My mom and Dad where there in Spirit, and could feel there warm support through out the performance .
here is a picture of the Tenor, that I took shortly before the two of us went out on stage...
Steven is a member of the Canadian Opera Company Chorus, and today, Sunday he will be singing at the COC, in the one of the last performances of Wagners's ,Gotterdammerung.... now that is a very Horn(y) work ! Thanks again Steven and Kevin for last nights experiance ! what a blast !

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