Monday, September 18, 2006

Goodbye Audi

Car Crash!

Saying goodbye to a good old friend is hard to do. This year has been a year of saying goodbye to a lot of things. Now the latest my mom's pride and joy her Audi Station Wagon.

I had a bad accident on Wednesday, Sept. 13... I tried to turn left at an intersection as the light was turning red, and a car didn't see me, and rammed right into the side of the car.. a " t-Bone" crash. A lot of damage occurred, and unfortunately the car is a right-off !

A real pity !

Now I'm TTC'in it, bought a "Metro-Pass" and see what its like to live without a car. At least it will help the environment, but more importantly get me out and walking more, resulting in a healthier lifestyle !


Eliane said...

O Wendy, how terrible! But now you can become an member for 10 $ a month! There's bound to be lots of cars in your neighbourhood. If you do, please mention me, they'll give me a bonus.

Anonymous said...

Jackie looks a lot like Maja! You can tell it's family.
Nice blog you have (I should start one myself...). great concert with Streisand, lucky you!
Did you really have snow already? Over here we have the mildest autumn ever, today will be 18 degrees. Crazy world.
Good to hear that only the car was broken, and you were still alright. Keep on walking, Wendy!
Bye, love, Hilda