Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Barbara Streisand in Toronto!

OH MY GOD ! I had the most amazing night ever! I was sitting at home at 6pm watching the news , and thinking, gosh, tonight Barbara Streisand is performing here in Toronto, at the Air Canada Centre, and I just would love to see her. Listening and watching a newclip on the TV, they mentioned there are still tickets available. So I thought, well, why not try.. so I quickly got myself together, flew out the door, called Caroline if she would like to go and see Barbara, and off we went to the ACC. I went straight to the Box office, but having to fight my way through all the scalpers first, and at the Box office to my great surprise they still had tickets. But not any ticket did I want, this was Barbara! I wanted the best seat. So that I got... Caroline and I were sitting in row 8 ! yes eight rows from the front ! They were amazing seats..
and OH what an amazing show... my god she really is an icon and a real true star. She sang all my favorites, and was accompanied by a full 60 peice orchestra ( that tours with her ! ouch that's expensive! ) and IL DIVO sang 3 peices with her as well... I was crying many times this evening ! I remembered years ago, when I was studying with Eugene Rittich, my French Horn teacher, at 18, he said, "Wendy if you ever want to learn about perfect musical phrasing, you need to listen to Barbara Streisand, nobody does it better than her"... and after tonight, she shure is the best.. and at, what ? 60+ years old too... amazing!.. the best $1000 I ever spent ! ( yep thats what the tickets cost! of course 8th row from the front what did you expect !?)

I snuck in my camera and took these shots tonight !
This is how close Caroline and I were !

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Grappig, Casper schrijft er ook over!