Saturday, November 04, 2006

Royal Winter Fair

Today I went to the Royal Winter Fair, held annually at the Canadian National Exhibition.

Here I am posing with the winning pumpkin.. yuup.. it’s real, and what the sign says over 900 pounds in weight ! that’s a lot of pumpkin pie !

I also saw the Horse show, and the jack Russell dog races.. which was good fun

Maya was chosen to make a butter Sculpture in the Gay Lea Butter exhibit. She made a sculpture that took her 8 hours to make, of the Grimms fairy tale repunzel .

She was inside a cooled down to 5 degrees box, for 8 hours, and was quite cold and STINKY ( of butter) at the end of the day… but Wow.. it turned out great… and I gave her 1st prize for her creation !

( thats her in the white coat inside the box... )

( you can click on any picture to enlarge the picture view)

This was the end result, and how it was desplayed in the cooler box...

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