Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally Broke Through the Wall

( picture of me taken in California in March 2005, my weight 365 lbs)
Today’s weight – 238 lbs

These last 4 weeks have been extremely hard and frustrating. Losing weight is a time management as well as location issue. Let me explain: for the past 4 – 6 weeks I have been on the road a lot to Kitchener to play with the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony. And what I found that was so difficult was:

A. being a lot at my sisters, her house IS full of stuff I shouldn’t eat and very tempting
B. being tired from all the driving and playing, that when getting home, and back to Toronto at night, I was too tired to get off the couch and go to the gym.

So now I understand how working mothers and wife’s have such a hard time with losing weight. If you look at really rich people, the reason why that are nice and thin, is that they DO have the time ( and of course money) to go to gym, having nanny’s and housekeepers and not having to work during the day makes a huge difference.

Going to the gym and dieting takes a lot of dedicated time and effort!

The effort part now I am slowly changing. I have recently bought a food processor and a kitchen scale and started to make my own salmon or chicken salads; packing up a nice lunch and healthy properly weighed snacks, and not eating on the road or at my sisters any more. The key to sticking to your diet is only eating stuff you make yourself at home. Home preparation for the day coming is essential!


My youngest sister recently won that most amazing prize through her local radio station. A 12 week Biggest Loser competition with an all expenses paid gym membership and a private trainer 4 days a week. She is on a team of 6 and competing with another team of 6. At the end of the 12 weeks the team that looses the most weight wins an all expense paid trip to St. Lucia! Nice! Of course I am jealous as hell! She get this all presented to her on a silver platter, a full new life style change and doesn’t have to pay a penny!

Go Sis Go!

But that’s my recent inspiration… and am a very competitive person by nature; and now I am in competition mood with her of course. I want to lose as much weight as she probably will! Her weight-loss is posted weekly on the radio station website, for all to see, including me! So game on!

Time management

So now the true test for me; I am continuing to play with KWS, travel and be away the safe confines of my home and kitchen. Yesterday I played and audition for a local orchestra, packed my lunch and snacks, drove 300 km to and from the audition, got home and still went to the gym. So it’s possible to do, it’s just a new mind set, and change in my past routine of working a normally 9-5 at the office, going home, having dinner and going to the gym.

That is now no longer the case…


Anonymous said...

FYI - only 1 person wins the trip to St Lucia, not the whole team.
Each week a person is disqualified from the grand prize but is still able to continue with the 12 week program. At the end the team with the greatest weight loss get's an additions 3 month membership at the gym.

Little Sis

Pete Thomas said...

Keep working hard Wendy and reemember,


Pete Thomas

Rebecca said...

Sounds like you are planning ahead with your food. That makes all the difference! Good job for that.