Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Life is a bit back to normal

So.... pheew.. these past 2 weeks have been so busy, but now finally a bit of a break in the storm. Last Saturday I played my third concert of the week with the Scarborough Philharmonic. It was a nice but heavy program. We performed the Grieg Piano Concerto and Sibelius's 5th Symphony. It went well, and was tons of fun.Mom and Tante Lies couldn't come as they went with Melinda to Kitchener and St. Jacobs Farmers Market for the day.
Sunday I relaxed a bit, went over to mom's, and got Mom and Tante Lies to help me stuff Amici Envelopes of Subcriptions tickets; that was also a deadline that was hanging over my head. Monday Night Tante Lies unfortunatlly flew back to Amsterdam. We had a great time with her here, and my mom is waiting for her next visit. So today back to the grind of the office, cleaning up lots of lose ends and bits of Administration that was backlogged. Now fully up to date, faxes gone, emails replied, I now sit in my practise chair and start working on my next concert next week. I have to play once again with the Oshawa Symphony, Glasinov's Violin concerto and Rachmaninov's Second Symphony.....

I guess this is my life now, I don't mind.. I like it.. a fine balance of Admin during the day, and lots of horn and symphonic work at night !

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