Friday, October 01, 2004

Roy Thompson Hall got a blast of Brass !

Roy Thompson Hall, home of the Toronto Symphony( I have always refered to it as Toronto's Upside down Pineapple cake )

Wow... what a blast we had last night. The 2nd night performance of Mahler’s 1st Symphony. Mom, Lies and Ineke were in the hall in the first balcony thoroughly enjoying them selves ! Proud as can be watching their Daughter, Neice and Sister Performing with the Toronto Symphony.

I don’t think I have ever played under such a combination of stressful circumstances. Not only did I get the call at the last minute to come and play, therefore getting virtually no time to study my part, but only 2 rehearsals, then last night it was announced that the performance was going to be broadcasted live through CBC radio, across the hole country of Canada ! what is that? a possible 23 million people can potentially listen to my every note, not to mention also live on the Web as well on the CBC site , then on top of the ROMBUS media is filming a documentary about the Toronto Symphony, and on stage last night 4 camera men, perched on little boxes in-between all the musicians, and yuup, one planted right in front of me. So as I’m playing I am not only trying to block out all the radio, not enough rehearsal stuff, but block out a giant camera that in basically filming my every move from 1 foot away !

Pheew… ! but I did it.. ! did a great job… no bloopers.. not a one… it was fantastic… so I can proudly say.. I can play , and play extremely well under ANY kind of pressure or stressful circumstances… I was quite proud of my self…


Mahler did have a big hand in my success… the music is just so extremely beautiful, and moving… I was so focused on the music, and so focused on how beautifully some of the players of the TSO were playing there solo parts… well it just made my task that much easier !

Thanks Mahler !

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