Saturday, March 17, 2007

OH NO ! Not more SNOW!!

When will this winter ever be over ????... we are so sick of the snow and cold. Last week the weather was a bit warmer, and all the old snow that was about 2 months old finally melted away, and what happens when I woke up this morning and looked out my bedroom window ? An new blanket of snow snuck in last night while we were all sleeping ! I went out of course with Milo for a nice long walk, went over to Riverdale park, nice big hill, with kids tobbogoning, and a great view of the city.. here are a few pics I took today, with my Cell Phone ! and as you can see, as a Canadian, we all enjoy the winter weather, from tobbogoning down hills, to play outdoor hockey, to just strolling in the park !
Enjoy !.. ( they say it will be up to 16 degrees again on Wednesday.. its all so confussing !) **click on image to enlarge image view...

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