Tuesday, July 17, 2007


This morning I woke up to a great surprise email from my cousin Rutger in Hamburg. He had sent me this great photo that was recently found by his brother Steven, when he was rummaging through some old photos. Taken in the 30's its a picture of my Grandfather sitting outside on the car, and inside the car , sitting on my Grandmothers lap, is my Uncle Bob, at the window my Aunt Hilda, and in the background is my mom ! What a great photo ! very cool!


Rutger said...

The bag he has over his shoulder is his photography kit, as Lies confirmed. He probably set up the tripod and did a timed shot. You can almost feel the action of him running back to the car to take up that casual position.

Wendy Limbertie said...

And we have that very photography bag here in Toronto! very cool !