Monday, September 28, 2009


Pheeew.... thank you...

I watched the first two episodes of the BIGGEST LOSER show last night.. and you know what? I used to compare myself to the biggest contestant in the show, like ... okay she weighs 370 like me, and I can do this too... and now.. I can compare myself to the SMALLEST contender of the show... okay she weighs the least at 245 pounds.. like me... off to races we go!! that itself is great incentive!

So today ... yes... I'm back on track.. this morning I have a private training session with my trainer Sylvie.. I got on the scale.. sad news... but 1 week from now I will post my weight , I promise!

Speaking to some friends and workers at my gym, they all say it's normal that people slack off in the summer months.. August was a dead month.. no one came to the gym and now in the 3rd week of september they are starting to come back again.

I guess with the nicer weather, and being outdoors more, you don't really feel like going to the gym. But like today, it's pouring rain, and feeling like Autumn, and then snow right around the corner, the gym seems and is the perfect place to go to forget about the shitty weather outside!

So to all those of you out there that follow me and my blog... I pledge to now stay on track, with an average of losing at least 2 pounds a week ! promise !

And to those of you that are trying to get started again... watch the BIGGEST LOSER show.. now that's incentive !

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Connie said...

Wendy, I am in awe of your determination, courage and wisdom. You will succeed and you will do so with grace, strength and beauty. Changes can seem overwhelming but it is the little day-to-day choices that get results. You are spectacular!!!