Sunday, October 11, 2009


okay.. bring on the Turkey and Mel's Pumpkin Pie...

so I got on the scale, closed my eyes and prayed...nope.. still not good news! I don't dare post my present weight!

I am disgusted with myself... I had done so well... but you see just like that old habits can creep up on you.. you have to stay on-top of this weight loss, all the time! grrrrh! so frustrating..

my weight today is about the exact same as last year october.. there that's all I'll say!

so... last weekend of food enjoyment.. and back to the gym! promise! I promise myself that is! because, it's all about me! me, me me me me.. I have to do it for ME!

Melinda makes this MOST AMAZING Pumpkin Pie ever! believe me I've tried them all !

I wrote about it on my blog way back in 2004

this picture above, Melinda with her daughter, shows how we love the pie soooo much in our family! ... so tonight is the night.. pumpkin pie for all.. then back to the sweat shop!

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Sophie said...

Just to say I enjoyed reading your blog. I'm just starting my journey so it is hugely encouraging to see people who have achieved so much. I love the sound of the bugg - I don't think we can get those in the UK yet. Anyway, keep up the great work :)