Saturday, January 08, 2011

Week 1 - Success!

Week 1 - 7 lbs lost
Got on the scale today for my first weigh - in in 2011.. and success!

I have been analyzing myself and my weight gain for weeks now! And I have found the reason , I think, for my failure.

As you know I had started my diet on January 1, 2008 with joining a gym and get a personal trainer. I had worked hard with my trainer, weighed in every week for her and stuck to my diet of eating less as well.

Back in September 2009 my trainer had to stop training me because of her own move up the corporate ladder from going from trainer to gym manager. She still wrote out exercises for me, but it was never the same. She left me hanging! I had asked her for new trainer and she said she still wanted to train me but from watching me from her office as she worked... that's where she made the error, I kind of blame her for not getting me another trainer to train me as she did before, with seeing her twice a week, and being with me for the full hour right beside me. Because she disrupted the ' project'

I compare it to, as a student, say you are preparing for a big audition and you have you weekly lesson with your teacher to prepare, and 4 weeks before the audition your teacher ups and leaves you.

I lost my motivation, my guru, my teacher, my disciplinarian. I tried working out on my own, but just lost the motivation, but more importantly I started staying home at night and started watching TV again. Back in January 2010 I got sick with a bad flu ( I think even it was a light strain of H1N1) and I was in bed for about 2 weeks. Then the Vancouver Olympics started. Now I really stayed home and was glued to the TV watching the wonderful competitions!
I was slowly gaining all the weight back...every morning I would say to myself.. okay Wendy that's enough! .. but by the time the evening came after a day at work, I came home and sat and watched TV and started eating my old favourites and additive foods.

The inspiration to go to the gym was lost.. why should I ? my trainer is not there.. she isn' t there to see my through, ' hold my hand' .. my PROJECT!

There it is- PROJECT that was what this is all about! Every one says.. it's a life style change.. well that's not the way I see it now! it's a project until reach your goal!

Win the Audition! then.. after your life ' style' starts! I hadn't reached the goal yet!
So my new 'project' has now started again, and this time I will succeed!
On the Biggest Loser you see all sorts of success stories of weight-loss, but you don't hear or see them after the show... that's because over 50% gain the weight back.. that's not good TV!
So they don't report that part!

So this week was very very hard, I must admit, but I stuck to my guns! My family knows all about this new endeavour, and is very supportive! and that's what counts!

I have started with walking and eating right. My weight gain was enormous as you can see, that's why I have to take it slow. But at least I have my eating under control again! All those addictive foods are out of my house. I have totally emptied my freezer! it's empty! I go to bed at 10pm so as not to get that late night snack urge.

Yes food is addictive, and I have an addiction, so I just stay completely away from it ! not even a 100 calorie bag of popcorn, that leads to eating more bags in one night... Carbs and sugar are my pit falls.... so I just cut them out.
My diet consistes of Fibre, Veggies, Fruit and protein.

My ' Project ' is now off to flying start... see you at the finish line!

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Laurie ( said...

Hi there! I'm very proud of you for doing some soul searching and getting yourself in the right place to work on yourself again! I'm behind on my reading, but just caught up on your blog - couldn't view the videos since I am at work, but way to go!!!

Laurie :-)