Thursday, August 18, 2005

Friendship and love, thicker than Blood

A recent love letter was posted to me publicly on the web by my best friend and biggest love of my life Martin deDeugd. Martin and I were separated, better said amputated from each other in September 2001. We both played in the Amsterdam Opera Comique, the HO, for 16 years; him as Concertmaster, me as principal Horn. The first time we met, it was instant friendship. And later love. But as we both had our destinies we had to part and go where our heart was telling us to go.

In August 2001 he arranged a surprise farewell party for me at his house, and as shown here in this picture, I did indeed had a lot of friends that I had to leave behind. The people in the picture: Left to right - Lies,Petra,Gerard,Brynn,Gottfried,Bill,Jolan,Diana&Baby,Marco,Marc....
R-L,second row,Huub,Martin,Waldemaar,John,Frieda,Wendy& Milo.

Martin and I are still very close, and we have talked about marriage so often it’s getting to sound like a broken record. And that is the way it will always be I guess, broken. With his amazing new solo violin career in Holland, and my commitments to my new life here in Toronto, we as a couple will never be.

Sad, tragic

I just wanted to express my love publicly as well for the one man that is as close to my soul as anyone could be.

Thank god for the phone and internet, which what keeps us sane.

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Martin de Deugd said...

Indeed Wendy, why not publish our feelings on the net and let people know that the angel of love has many appearances...
To experience a complete trilogy people can also read my letter.
A beautiful story and a heartbreaking truth.
When we're old and finished this will probably be the one and only issue we can talk about in the bejaardenhuis.

I love you.