Saturday, August 13, 2005

Love is in the Air

My Best friend Kathy Halvorson, Proffesional Oboe play, announced to me last week that she is getting married !

I am so happy for her. Kevin Mallon is the husband to be (Conductor of the Cork Opera, and Aradia Ensemble)... Last night , I went to their house ( in Toronto) for dinner and wine, we had a great evening of catching up on stories and experiances from the last weeks. Milo was not to happy later that evening having too be locked up in the house as we sat outside enjoying our dinner under the stars of a great summers evening, because of a bitchy cat that was not happy with a dog on her turf. It would have been a real cat and dog fight kind of like the picture below of Kathy and Kevin as she was telling Kevin to get out of the kitchen !!!

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