Monday, August 08, 2005

What's in your Attic?

Today I went to have a nice dinner in the garden at my friends house Renas and Nico. They just bought this great house in Scarborough. Renas was telling me a wonderfull story of what they discovered in their attic. They found this sort of secret door to the Attic as they were moving in. And low and behold they found 30 silver trumpets just laying on the ground of the Attic. No cases nothing, just laying there to be discovered. Renas showed some of them to me, seen in this picture above. What I think has happened, that a former owner of the house back in around 1950 was probably a marching band director and these were the instruments from the Band. The band probably disbanded and he stored the instruments in the Attic to be used maybe one day again. Well they never were and 40 years later Renas and Nico found them. I will ask my Brass bud, Ron if he could find a collector and buyer for them.

here is Renas with the trumpets
here I am in their wonderful backyard/Garden
Renas and Nico

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