Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fashion and Clothes.. OH MY!

Yesterday I went to the Eaton Centre

( Toronto's largest indoor Mall - 230+ retailers under one roof) and discovered a Store - Reitmans, also has plus sizes... I bought this vest, shirt and shall.. ( vest, shirt size 22 ... wooohooo!!)

A huge milestone for me.. FIRST of all, I haven't bought clothes in any other stores other than Pennington's or Addition Elle or even Mr. Big and Tall, ALL MY LIFE!! .....REALLY !.. and now, kind of off the rack sort of feeling.. I didn't even try them on in the store.. I took a chance, and thought oh well , if they don't fit, I will get into it later... but.. yuup they all fit just fine!! and way, way cheaper too!! + plus size retails chains I think mark up the prices of their clothes by at least 25 % !!!

oh.. boy.. great incentive... as I turns out I do love fashion.. and I know that alot of people are dawning this look now a days... and now me too!! yeepeeee

it's getting expensive though!!!!

( picture of me taken today, in my home @ 235 lbs


Anonymous said...

you look just fabulous dear Wendy!
dikke zoen van Liesbeth

Rutger said...

great shot of you

GastricGirl said...

You're looking great!! Isn't it fun finding the fashionista in you? Before you know it, you'll have to say goodbye to all of the plus size stores and hello to any department or clothing store you like! :)
Congratulations! :)