Monday, March 02, 2009

New Colours.. New inspirations..

My office has recently undergone a big reno done by the leasing company – Toronto Community Housing. I had been given the option to choose the colour myself, so not just a wash of white! I have always been a huge fan of the primary colours – Red/Yellow/Blue.; and because my office has such a good natural light source with the front of the office all floor to ceiling windows, I choose a royal blue to go on the walls. I have a couple of great paintings that have been donated by a local artist that lives in the ‘ PAL’ residence down the road. I’ve never been afraid of bold colours. My mom was a true pioneer in colour choice when it came to decorating her own home. The colours in her apartment were very vibrant as well. I remember my youngest sister wasn’t too crazy about it… but I just loved it!. She had each room in her apartment painted a different colour. The living room was ‘ Hindeloopen’ red, the Breakfast room was cream Yellow, the Kitchen was lime green, the hallway, Royal blue ( yes of course I was subconsciously influenced by my colour decision) The bedrooms were grey. So now with my office freshly painted this royal blue, I am enjoying its new inspirational powers. Blue is a creative colour. Coincidently yesterday, speaking about being creatively inspired, I was in my office yesterday for 12 straight hours, as I needed finish up 2 major operating grants that are due today. I was able to accomplish this, and now on to the next creative project. I am looking forward to it’s creative powers! Who knows what lies ahead….

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Anonymous said...

wow! lovely royal colour for a royal office for a royal babe!
all it needs more is a boeketje blauwe anemoontjes die ik vanmorgen zag bij de bloemist.
hug and kisses, Liesbeth