Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And a Gym Rat is born

Back to the grind... the sweat factory... the gym that is.. !!

Since last sunday I have been going to the gym not once, but twice a day! = 4 hours a day!

Yesterday my bodybugg exploded with a whopping 4000 calories burnt!

I couldn't sleep very well though last night... I was tossing and turning all night. I guess my body is not used to all this working out, and well, I was strangely very hot last night... had my window wide open, but that didn't help. Maybe it was hormones?

Any ways... I am going to try to keep this up, going to the gym twice a day keeps me from eating stuff I shouldn't.
keep on truck'ing as they say!

ps: I still don't dare post today's weight.. I am too embarrassed, and sad about it. When I feel I can say it out loud all you blog followers will be the first to know... deal?

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