Saturday, October 31, 2009

As If I had been Struck by Lighting!

Happy Halloween everyone!

... not so happy for me...

I must say this has been a very scary week! A real awaking for me too!


On Thursday I received news of getting a new job as project manager at the City of Toronto.. I was real happy! and as a sort of reward to myself.. instead of going to the gym ( as I should have! ) I ended up staying home planning to watch a film and snack on some popcorn!
OMG.. that was such a BAD idea!
Because half way down the bag of popcorn I chomped down .. and CRACK !! .. I heard this terrible sound in my mouth, realizing I just chomped down hard on a popcorn kernel and .. yuup.. I firkin broke my tooth!! AAARRGGGGG!
I broke my "upper right 1st bicuspid" or " First premolar" it broke right down the middle.. split in two.. this was bad !
So I called my dentist (@ 10pm) luckily I had his home phone number.. and he replied.. " well Wendy this doesn't sound good, see you tomorrow morning at 7:30am "
So off to bed I went.. but first throwing out that dam cursed 1/2 bag of popcorn and cursing all the way to the trash!
So next day... 7:30am... my dentist looks at the tooth and with a face of dome and gloom he says.. " sorry, I can't save the tooth , I have to pull it out!"... OMG... shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit !
So in goes the freezing needle... and 1 hour later of prodding and poking and pulling and yanking it was finally removed! with a very difficult extraction I had to have 2 stitches as well.. I have lost my tooth! that tooth has been a part of me for 40 years!
I am soooooo MAD at myself... !!! as you can imagine!
A huge sign has just been really mad clear to me... as if I had been struck by lighting... ' Wendy you can't eat that crap... enough ... is enough... now you really physically can't eat it.. as you well know now.. it will break your teeth! '
So now 24 hours later, I'm on Tylenol 3's and Antibiotics, having to eat only soft food and soup, I have major major major! learned my lesson..
I have to stay on track of my lifestyle change, only eat healthy foods... ( but now I can't even eat nuts... as they will now get stuck in my new gapping hole, and also possibly break other teeth! )
This sucks big time!

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