Saturday, January 09, 2010

NEW - Weight-loss challenge...

This morning I got up bright and early to went down to the Extreme Fitness Yonge/Dundas location to sign up for this newest weigh-loss challenge set up by

Down at the gym, I signed up, got weighed, got measured, did a fitness test an as you can see in this picture I met with some of the experts from the show- Dr David Macklin and an X-Weighted show producer.

Dr David A Macklin

As one of Canada’s leading physicians in the field of lifestyle medicine, Dr David A Macklin brings a wealth of experience to X-Weighted. He has committed his career to helping others change their behaviour, develop a healthy lifestyle and manage their weight.

He is board certified in Family Medicine by the Canadian College of Family Physicians, a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, the college of Family Physicians of Canada and the Ontario Medical Association.

Macklin says that one of the most interesting parts of X-Weighted is that he is able to go in to participants’ homes. “That way I can better identify the obstacles they face” he says. Macklin founded the Weightcare Clinic in Toronto in 2005, where he teaches people to lose weight permanently.

To watch Dr David Macklin's Intro Video, click here.

here is the criteria:

On January 9th 2010, we’ll be launching a nationwide fitness challenge where you can have your own X-Weighted experience and be in the running to win some major prizes. By registering for the XWEIGHTED.COM NATIONAL CHALLENGE you’ll be joining an online community designed to help you succeed. Sign up and you’ll be able to:

Take the 26 week challenge

A challenge designed with the X-Weighted experts to help you succeed on your own weight-loss journey.

Form Groups

Get together with other XWEIGHTED.COM users that share the same goals as you, form groups with real life friends or anyone you choose to support through this journey.

Choose Fitness Goals

You’ll be able to choose a fitness goal from a list of those featured on X-Weighted, from other community users, or your very own unique goal.

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