Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Throwing out perfectly good food.... it's hard!


cheetosAs fans of the show will know, the X-Weighted experts advise getting unhealthy foods out of our homes in order to avoid the temptation of eating them.

Although the idea of just throwing everything unhealthy into a garbage bag might sound pretty easy to some people, there are many reasons why it is a daunting task for others.

Most of us were brought up not to waste food, so there is a deep seated conflict that comes to the surface when we think about throwing large quantities of food away.

There is also the question of money. Food is expensive, especially treats and packaged foods. The idea of throwing away $100 worth of groceries is scary.

Another factor that stops us from being able to just get rid of the bad stuff is the emotional attachment that we have to it. When food is your comfort, the thing that never lets you down and makes you instantly feel better, it is hard to just dispose of it.

Because of all these reasons, it is difficult to do the big purge. But, you really do have to do it.

Realize that the good health you are working towards has more value than could ever be put in a dollar amount, and in the grand scheme of things that $100 worth of groceries is not worth worrying about.

Believe in yourself - you will have the strength to get through without the safety net of always having those foods nearby. Over the next 26 weeks, you will develop coping strategies that do not involve eating.

When you do purge your home, consider donating that food to the local food bank or homeless shelter. By doing that, you aren't just throwing away the food - you're making a difference and helping people as you help yourself.

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