Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Snowy Toronto - STILL.... !

This morning I woke up to an fresh 20cm layer of new white snow. A rude reminder that this winter is not quite done yet. Milo loves the snow, only it does slow her down in her morning ritual of chasing squirrels. Thank god it was cold enough to snow, it could have been rain if it were only 5 degrees warmer, and turn out like flood raged L.A.

The first day of spring is still one month away, although we were warned by Mr. Gopher that spring will be late because he DID see his shadow, lets keep our fingers crossed it 'aint' so !

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Gwenlyn said...

Wendy: love seeing all your pix, and getting all the news.
I think your family was amazing to have a memorial dinner for your Dad with his favourite! Bless you all.
I envy you California..dip your toes in the pacific for me!
And when you come back, can you help me with a chore..i want to get some feedback on my arts project..is a website the way to go? And how to do it?

Gret to connect with you..and I'll be wishing you the best for the audition
And the Britten serenade! Wow!!!!