Saturday, February 12, 2005


Today I attended a Horn Clinic given by Jeff Nelson (from the Canadian Brass) . This is Jeff and me. It was a very, very educational afternoon, and extremely helpful! The key word for the day was “ FEARLESS”… I was the only one to volunteer to play for him, with a room full of horn players.. Why? What a great opportunity to play and get some great comments! Jeff is coming out with a book on the Art of Auditioning.. I did not bring my horn, I was not planning to play, but, since Yahama had a whole table of horns on display I picked one up and played a bunch of excepts by memory and the Strauss 1 and Mozart 4… and got some great pointers… yes I am Fearless, and one has to be to be successful in life.. and successful at horn playing !

I ‘m glad I went !

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