Sunday, February 27, 2005


Last night, I performed Gustav Mahler's 1st symphony with the Oshawa Symphony

Boo hoo.. the Mahler is over ! darn… it was so much fun ! I wish we could have had at least 3 performances of it..

The section ! … Left to Right.. Scott Weavers ( 5th horn), Nichole Alexander ( 7th horn) , David Haskins ( 6th horn) , Me (1st horn) , Heath Allan ( 4th horn) , Sheila Goldman ( 3rd horn ) Leah Bell ( assn’t 1st horn) , Tom Wade West ( 2nd horn)

I wanted a second try at the performance… for even more perfection ! We had a blast last night.. it was a tough day.. with playing the whole work from beginning to end in the afternoon, then again the whole thing of course at night… playing in community based orchestras is tougher , way tougher than with orchestras like the TSO or the KWS that are better regulated by the Musicians Union and protect the musicians from conductors that want to practise too much, like ours yesterday ! Any way.. I had such a cool time.. and I had such a fantastic horn section.. I was really pleased !

Way too go guys !!

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