Tuesday, March 22, 2005

California Day 2

This morning I woke up very early, feeling like its 9am, its really only 6am. I met Claude in the kitchen; he was busy preparing himself to go out to the gym for a work out. Slowly the whole house was waking up. When Claude got back from the gym, we all sat down together for a nice, Dutch style, breakfast. After breakfast I went for a little walk outside and took some video and pictures. The rain had finally stopped and I was able to enjoy a dry spell. Once Brynn and Rhoda were ready we all piled into the van and went out to see a bit of Cambria. We went down to the local and closest beach, only to find that half of the beach had been just wiped away but a flash flood. It had rained some much in the last 24 hours that part of the beach was washed away by a very overflowing creek that meets the ocean below. as shown in this picture. We then continued our little tour, and went into town. There Rhoda dropped me and Brynn off, it was alreay 1pm by this time, and we went for small bit to eat at a small eatery that was next to the physical therapy clinic where she works a few times a week. After lunch we continued walking around town, and then headed off to the do-it-yourself crafts shop. There Brynn and I did some crafts,
I worked on decorating a coffee mug and Brynn was working on a kind of creation of sorts… at one point Rhoda walked in, after finishing her grocery shopping. And she continued to work on her project, and ceramic coffee tray. What a great place. So therapeutic as well… there should be a center like this in every community! Every one needs to be creative once in a while, and this is a great outlet. This store was set up by a kind of Martha Steward type of women who actually also had her own Crafts show on TV. She set this up for the locals, and tourist alike to visit a be creative, especially on raining days like this one, as of course the rain started to come down in buckets once again. I finished my mug, and the owner will fire it in the Kiln at the end of the week, and I should have it back by Sunday before I leave. We said our goodbyes and then headed off back home again. There we sat and talked had a nice dinner together, Brynn cooked, and later I watched some TV as Brynn continued to practice her violin in preparation for this Sunday’s Easter recital. The rain stopped for a while, I did actually see the sun and blue sky, but that was for only a short time, as right now at 11:36pm its raining once again...….. !!!

Hopefully tomorrow will bring lots of sun !


Anonymous said...

Caroline and I are reading this at oma's-here it is -5 although -10 with the wind chill factor. At least the rain is warm and un-snowlike! The create a cup community shop is great-what a super stress-reliever! Milo is doing great and eating well!

Anonymous said...

Oma says to tell you that there is a great colour picture of Easter around the world on the front page of Monday's Toronto Star's GTA section