Saturday, March 26, 2005

California Day 6

When I entered the living room early this morning I found Brynn laying on her back on the floor. She had a terrible backache! She pulled a muscle in her back and was in extreme pain. She announced that she was going to go down to the physical therapist at the clinic where she works, and have the specialist do some work on her. Poor Brynn, and she has such a big concert tomorrow, Easter Sunday. So off she went with her dad to the clinic. I made myself some breakfast, grabbed my MP3 player and a book and decided to take advantage of the still gorgeous weather outside and sit on the porch.

The weather was perfect, and I didn’t mind at all to stay home today, and just relax. Claude came back within the hour and left Brynn at the clinic. He started working around the garden and did some chores and planting.

Later on Brynn came back, she was feeling a bit better, and a little more relaxed. Taking advantage of her more relaxed state, she decided to do some more practicing and preparing for the concert tomorrow.

I continued the soak up the sunrays. I think I was getting some colour on my face, at least I could feel it. We broke for lunch, Brynn didn’t have any, but Claude and Rhoda joined me on the deck picnic table for lunch.

After lunch I asked Claude if he could drop me off in town to do some shopping. I wanted to buy Claude and Rhoda a gift for there overwhelming hospitality to me, plus something for Brynn. I found a wonderful, plant holder for Claude and Rhoda made from copper to put in the backyard, and looked like a dog ! For Brynn I found this cute little replica of her new motorcycle. She placed it proudly on top of her TV in her bedroom. Claude met me in town at about 4pm. He picked up his pre-ordered freshly BBQ’d ribs that we were going to have for dinner this evening. They were amazing, cooked on an open, wood fire! We closed off this evening with watching the Hearst film I had bought at the Hearst Castle 2 days ago. A nice relaxing day, and yes indeed I did get a lot of colour ! That California sun is very, very strong!

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