Monday, March 07, 2005

Easter is around the corner

So Toronto is still deep in the snow ! although with the daily temperatures getting higher, like today is +5 degrees, the snow is finally melting. Now my daily park walk include having to deal with a very muddy dog!
Not too much has happened this last week, work wise, I finished 2 grant applications and did some needed accounting administration. I had a nice weekend with visiting my sister and watching some great videos. Ineke and I also ventured out to IkEA on saturday. As I still had a $100 gift certificate from Amici and had not used it yet. Ineke and I love IKEA ! but you can not spend less than $100 or one can not spend less than 2 hours there. You have to make it a whole day experience. I bought some new lamps for my kitchen and bedroom.

Is it bad to love shopping?

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