Tuesday, March 11, 2008


New York City is such an exciting place!... so much to see and do and experience ! After arriving at my hotel, which to my delight is only 1 block from Times Square! talk about being right in the middle of the world ! Kathy came and met me at the hotel, we chatted a bit in the Hotel club room, and then went off to the Hotel Gym to work out. After our work out, we changed and decided to make a go of trying to get ticket to the Met.

We hopped into a cab, and drove up to the Met. We walked straight to the Box office at the Met, and I jokingly said to the Box office empoyee, " I"m sure you have 2 tickets for me!"... ( thinking of course he doesn't, its Opening night of Tristan with Ben Heppner and Deborah Voigt and according the the Met website, the tickets have been sold out for months now!! ) and the guy at the Box office said, sure.. what price ticket would you like?... stunned.. I looked at Kathy, and I said... the $80 tickets please.. and there we had them! 2 tickets to see Tristan and Isolde at the Met!!! ya hoo... amazing ! so exciting... so off to the opera we went ( in our jeans !!! ) what a first day in New York... Kathy knows the new English Horn player in the Met orchestra, and after the performance, we said hi to him.. he played beautifully... the Met Orchestra, is one the finest Opera Orchestra's I have ever heard in my entire life ! and all conducted by James Levine
If this was day one.. I can hardly wait till what New York brings to me tomorrow !

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