Saturday, March 15, 2008


Boo hoo.. my last day in New York ! Today I venutured out on my own to do some clothing shopping. I wanted to go to a NY store called Lane Bryant. This store to my delight was not far from my Hotel, on 5th Ave at 34th street, Right across from the Empire State Building. After some shopping I met up with Kathy at South Central Park road and 5th Ave. Right at the Apple Store and across from the famous Park Plaza Hotel. We went on a bus and made our way over across town to 2nd street, to take a trip on a Gondola ! yuup. and Gondola in NY ! this would take us across the river to Roosevelt Island. it was very cool !

high up above the river the view was amazing. Once arriving at the Island we took a bus to the ( that cost 25 cents) to the most northern tip on the island.. very cool. took some pics, and then made out way back to the gondola. The Island does have inhabitants.. with a few large apparment building, and more being built. A somewhat secluded area, with one bank, one school, one grocery store and 1 hospital.
Making our way back to the Main land, Manhattan, we then had to go back to my Hotel as it was time to leave. We did pass Carnigie Hall by doing this... wow.. this was an amazing week.. I still love New York.. and Kathy was a great friend by taking so much time to show me around... ** smiles ! **

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Kathy Halvorson said...

My pleasure was fun!!