Thursday, March 13, 2008


Kathy and I had breakfast together, and then worked out in the Gym.. there got that done! .. now off to see some more culture. We decided to go to the Whitney Museum. We took the Bus, uptown through Central park, but before continuing on to the museum, we made a quick pit stop at where the memorial for John Lennon was in the park. Very near to where he lived, off Central park, also known as' Strawberry Fields.

We took some pics.. of course, and continued on to the museum. The Whitney museum is a modern museum, but I did enjoy the 5th floor of the collection which included paintings by deKonning, Karl Apple and Andy Warhol. The rest of the museum was a little to ' Wacky' for me.. but Kathy liked it. After the museum, we bought , we thought would be a cheap sandwich at the local grocer on the corner, ( an $8 egg sandwich) and ate it at the park. Kathy then had to go, as she had to perform G & S - Pirates, so I continued walking up 5th Ave to 72, and found the Frick museum. I had heard all about it from Ineke, and was looking forward to seeing it. I was indeed very special. A small museum, with an outstanding collection ... all my favorites, Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Rubens etc...

after the museum, I hopped back onto the bus, to take me back downtown. I got off at 42nd street, only to discover this really great brass band performing live right outside the Subway entrance on 42nd street.. I took a youtube video of them...
they played really well.. I supported them by purchasing their CD . I started walking back down to my hotel. I made a left onto 44 street, and thought , I should find a neat place to have dinner.. and there it was ! right in front of me.. the famed ' Sardis'

I had a wonderful steak dinner.. the restaurant was expensive, but well worth it.. and now I can say I ate at Sardis !

another great day in New York !

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