Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Newer Path!

So now it's the new year, and today once again I weighed in, and yuup.. back to 250. Dam! I have been up and down from 245 to 250 for last 6 weeks. Been quite off track these last 6 weeks with all the St. Nicholas, Christmas and New Years celebrations!! I heard today on the radio that most people gain between 2 to 5 pounds over the holidays! So I guess that is all normal. Tonight I am going to my sister place for dinner, then afterwards to perform a " Salute to Vienna" concert with the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony. This will be my last 'family' dinner for a while.. I HAVE TO GET BACK ON TRACK!!

Today my new neighbor is moving in. I just brought him and his helpers a nice big pot of coffee to help keep them motivated. This area of Toronto is such an interesting part of town! My new neighbor is quite the accomplished Opera Singer! A Baritone .. His name is Jefrey Carl ( Maybe we can organize a recital together.. I do like his voice!

Maybe all these changes are a sign.... During the last 6 weeks I've been performing a lot, and now a new professional musician as a neighbor could this be all pointing towards a newer path??

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