Sunday, May 17, 2009

And Today the Sun Shines

So my post yesterday was a bit down.. I'm sorry to disappoint some readers.. but dieting... or Lifestyle change is hard sometimes! Motivation is the main and major hiccup in this whole process. NOT TO GIVE UP!! 

I went out last night looking for something fun but physical to do... and what did I stumble on a local pool( billiard) hall! hey thats it... ! it's fun, you are with other people, playing a fun game, and still somewhat physical. So off to the pool hall I went. I ordered a Diet Coke! I haven't had a Diet Coke in a year! it was weird but way better then ordering a beer! I was there from 9 - 11pm sipped on my one coke the whole time, while playing several games of pool. It was tons of fun, good music in the background too! Now this is a fun way to go out on a Saturday night, and still feel like you are out partying! 

So after getting home, plugged in my bodybugg, and found I burned 500 calories while playing pool... ( standing for 2 hours, and constantly walking and circling around a pool table, you don't knowtice it, but it's physical exercise! ) 

So today on the scale... hmmmm .....down another 2 pounds.. 

that's better! 

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