Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rock that Lifestyle too!

After a really tough  3 day conference last weekend  ( tough meaning being locked up in the middle of nowhere with only the food you could eat , was the delicious , fatty, sugary food served ) I am back on track! Last night I went to the gym for a training session with my trainer. We are going to see each other every day now. She has agreed to train me in private at her home, and she has a swimming pool too, so finally I can do some low impact swimming exercising. I haven't gone swimming since I was 365 pounds, and as you know fat floats, so now with being 135 pounds lighter, less fat to float, it will be an interesting experience!  will I sink?... 

but tonight.. FIRST.. my big concert. 

I am going to see Elton John and Billy Joel live! ...

5 months ago I bought 7th row tickets to see this special once in a lifetime concert! ...I am going with my dear, sweet, very good looking (gay) neighbour! we are both dressing up in hope that at least one of us will maybe attract Elton's' attention!!. LOL... doughty.. but one can always hope!!.. 

... so no gym tonight! 

...tonight Crocodile Rock all the way! 

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Anonymous said...

You know it's funny, because besides the scale, one of the ways I tell how I'm doing is to swim over to the deep end of the pool, get upright, and see how much lower I'm sitting in the water.