Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Biggest Loser Finale shocking!

WOW! Talk about a huge wake up call for ALL middle aged overweight people struggling with their weight! It’s not too late! You can do it ! look at what happened tonight on the Biggest Loser show! The 3 oldest contestants all were huge winners!

The Biggest Loser – a 48 year old woman! Winning $250,000.00 Wow – she lost 140 pounds
The Biggest at home Loser – a 64 year old man!! Winning $100,000.00 – he lost 177 pounds

And the Biggest Loser of them all , did not take a prize at all….

Ron, a 54 year old man, with bad knees and a bad arm started at a whooping 430 pounds and lost over 200 pounds! Huge, huge health issues.. the sickest contestant in BL history.. and He didn’t win because of the ‘percentage’ factor.. but still I think he is the Biggest Loser! Way to go Ron!

And I do have to mention though the youngest contestant as well.. Mike, he is 18, Ron's son he also lost over 200 pounds! A huge statement for all those obese families out there. Coming from a family with also huge obesity problems, when your dad or mom sets such a great example of weight loss, of course you can only be proud of them, and try to follow in their footsteps! Ron and Mike, father and son, have set a huge positive example for 1000’s of overweight families in North America! Way to go guys!

So the big message here is...
So what you are 48, or 50 or 55 or even 64, you can change! You too can lose weight! Look at what they did!

Way to go guys! A huge inspiration for all us ‘Middle’ ager weight strugglers!


Fab Kate said...


Laurie ( said...

It was a great finale! I was so proud of them all! :)

jh said...

It was definitely my favorite Biggest Loser yet. I wanted everyone to win!

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