Friday, September 24, 2004

Another Nice Day !

Lies at my place in Amsterdam Noord, June 2001 for mom's 75th Birthday party

I'm sorry to report... its again a beautiful sunny day outside !!

I really don't know why more tourists don't take advantage of traveling to Toronto in September, its always nice weather and there is so much to do, plus the flights are half the price !

Yesterday, Mom and Lies went to City Hall to see the kick off party of Toronto Arts Week

Sunday is a large Book Market" Word on the Street"at Queens park, kind of like the"UitMarkt" in Amsterdam, Lies is looking forward to that, being the book worm that she is...

Tomorrow I see Lies again at Ineke's as we are having a big Birthday party for Nicholas, he is turning 15.( also the same day as Oma Bouma ) I have a big surprize for him.. I will take some more pictures, and of course with him playing his new.......... ????

I have to call Melinda and ask her about her amazing BBQ Rib recipe to serve up at tomrrows party....

Now back to work... lots of deadlines hanging over my head.... argh ! ;-0

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