Saturday, September 25, 2004

Happy Birthday Nicholas !

BUSY , BUSY BUSY ! It started with this morning when I went to pick up Lies from mom's place, and then we went the local park; actually it’s a botanical garden. The weather was perfect once again… its amazing that indeed Lies will not experience one single rainy, cloudy day as she is here. Every day sunny and between 20 and 25 degrees, perfect ! any way we went to the gardens. After that I took her down to the St. Lawrence Market. This is a big indoor market that is very busy on Saturday s and lots of fun. We needed to buy the ingredients for that evening dinner at Ineke. So I dropped of Milo at Ineke’s and picked up Nicholas, and off to shopping we went. We bought fresh Corn, 40 dollars worth of Spare Ribs, some new potatoes and then we were set. After dropping the groceries at Ineke, off in the car we went again, this time with Caroline, to the Beaches. I drove to the Queen street East area, parked the car, and went for a nice walk along the board walk. We had something to drink, played with Milo in the water, and then back to Ineke’s… pheew… ya .. lots on our plate… and its not over yet. So rushing back to Ineke’s because Lies and I have to start the Ribs. We needed to make a marinade for the Ribs, a special reciepe from Melinda.. and that took a while, then we had to boil and then back in the over for an hour and half. I in the mean time also had to prepare the potatoes, that were also in aluminium foil and layed with onion and fresh farm bacon. Then the other guest arrived, Dutch artist Eliane Duvkot and her husband and 2 kids , as the reason we were having this party , was for Nicholas, as it was his 15 birthday !

Boy a house full ! but we all fit, we sat outside, had a wonderful time, plenty of food, thank god, I was afraid, having to feed 13 people. For dessert we had Daniel et Daniel cake, and finally Nicholas was aloud to open his presents in the candle light. He got a new portable CD player to listen and play along with on his new set of Drums. ( that he got from me , rented plus lessons)

What a great day ! and Happy Birthday Nic !

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Anonymous said...

Last Sunday morning I woke up in a shock, and I mean really a shock, like you had to peel me off the cieling..... Now Casper is only 1/5 of Nicholas age, but appearantly he shares the same interest. The only difference is that when you would like to play drums on Borneo you use the Bongo (unamplified I admit, but still.....) on Sunday morning....early......
When I see that hi-tech earphone plug-in drum-kit I can only think..... yup, that is civilised...... Let me now go back to bed and try to catch up on some of that lost sleep..... I can feel it comming in the air tonight oh lord oh lord......