Thursday, September 23, 2004

Lies in Toronto * Day 3

Lies and Mom infront of my apartment building, notice Milo in between mom's legs !

Yesterday, Wednesday, Lies came over to my place for a lovely dinner. I wanted to really impress her and mom that I could indeed cook; and that I did not only know how to order in take out !

The menu was as follows: oven baked stuffed Chicken breast with French Goat Cheese, and pine nuts , baby carrots, Penne and fresh Sour dough bagette. For dessert fresh Raseberries with Rasberry Sorbet gelato. All accompined by a nice Canadian Red Wine.

Of course it was a great success. Lies and mom also enjoyed sitting out on the balcony and taking in the spectacular view of Downtown Toronto from up on the 16th floor, and seeing a sea of twinkeling city lights.

After dinner, of course at least 2 hours of ' na tafelen' I just love it when these two sisters get going with all there old stories about when they grew up, all the stories about ' pa ', opa Bouma, and the stores about the background of the paintings of his that I have up around my apartment.

At around 10pm Mom went back on her own to her house in her scooter( 2 blocks north of my place ) and I took Lies in the car for a City late night tour, showing her all the hot spots of Toronto Night life. ( the outside temp. at 10pm was a whopping 26 degrees ! )

All in all is was a really nice evening.... Today As I write... Lies in on a Double Decker bus Tour, seeing the sights and sounds of Toronto.

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Anonymous said...

Well, well, it looks like my mum is enjoying herserf a lot, now I assume it is seven in the evening with you, over here the family just got up, Marianne and myself read the blog and we are getting ready for an other day in the tropics..... 26 degrees at 10 at night pffff that is freezing here! Hope lies enjoys the double decker and keep writing!